About The Photographer


Photographer Bradley Otto Posey bought his first 35mm camera, a used Minolta SRT 100, as a teenager in 1974. While other boys his age were busy chasing girls and playing sports after school, Bradley preferred to spend his private time alone -- painting, drawing, taking photos and reading at the public library. His favorite subject to read about was Leonardo da Vinci.  He was also fascinated by the sophisticated interior design photography in Architectural Digest and the strikingly beautiful advertising imagery in Graphis magazine, carefully studying every issue in the library's collection. Without knowing it, he was quietly building the foundation for his future career as a professional commercial photographer.

At age 18, Bradley realized his artistic dream by selling many of his original paintings in a Los Angeles area art gallery. He later earned a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) with honors from UCLA and went on to operate a successful art studio in Venice, CA for several years.

Bradley returned to his photography roots in the early 1990s. Today, from his Santa Barbara studio, he continues to pursue his passion for creating exceptional product photography and advertising imagery as fine art.