My professional visual arts career began at age 18 when a Los Angeles area art gallery sold a few of my paintings and encouraged me to do more of them. Later I attended UCLA, where I specialized in photography and video production. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts/Studio Arts, graduating with honors.

A chance meeting and conversation with entertainer Liberace at his Malibu home inspired me to return to my painting roots. I launched a successful painting studio from my tiny rented shack in Venice, California. I sold my paintings to upscale contemporary furniture stores, interior designers and I completed commissioned works for numerous private clients.

One day, my painting studio assistant (who was an aspiring model) asked me to photograph him for his modeling portfolio. His agency loved the photos and they asked if I wouldn't mind shooting more models for them. Shortly thereafter, I was contacted and hired by magazine publications and my work began to be published and distributed internationally. Without planning it, my new photography business eventually eclipsed my painting business and I chose to pursue commercial photography full time. Since then, I've earned a living photographing people, products, and architecture + interiors for a wide variety of clients. 

My passion for the arts -- for photography and painting in particular -- has never diminished. I still create paintings whenever I have the time and inspiration and I carry a small, high quality camera with me virtually everywhere I go. Based in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. Available to work worldwide.